Review: GRECELL Portable Power Station

By | December 15, 2022

Portable silent power

Grecell and Starlink

Travelling is our thing, from long-distance RV trips to short-distance van travel and week-long remote camping. While I can get away without the amenities, having a portable/solar-chargeable power source available has changed everything. I tested the GRECELL 2000w Portable Power Station in a variety of situations over the past month, and now wonder how I’ve survived so long without. <– Amazon Associate link…

The first test was Starlink….yes, connectivity is a must, particularly when trying to manage an online business. Starlink pulls about 75w of power on startup, and cruises between 30w-40w. The GRECELL monitoring screen clearly displays your input power (from either household 110 or solar), output draw from the various connection options, your battery charge percentage, and the estimated hours of remaining power. The estimated run time for powering Starlink was 16 hours without solar connected. More than acceptable for keeping an internet connection alive with plenty to spare for a laptop.

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