EGR removal - 83 2F desmog

Tech information furnished by Jim Chenoweth/John Mace

I'm desmogging my 83 FJ60, [started as just a manifold gasket job] and am wondering what to do w/ the EGR tube going INSIDE the intake manifold...see pic:

Here it is removed:

I'd like to just remove it altogether, but need to keep the small tube for the pcv. Do some of you leave the EGR valve on, and just not run vacuum to it?

Also, I've heard of others cutting the tube so it doesn't protrude into the intake, [thus possibly having better "fuel flow" into the cylinders] and plugging the tube......if so, where should I plug it, and with what?

{I DO have an older intake manifold w/ just the pcv inlet that I could use, but would rather not separate these manifolds, if I can avoid it......btw--I'm using a older 2F exhaust manifold "outer piece" that doesn't have the fitting for the EGR tube that runs to the cooler}

Suggestions?? thx, John in WV

Attached are 3 pics of the before, after and installed view of the PCV/EGR block. Cut the inner tube off w/ about 1/2" remaining above the casting. This acts as a pilot for lining it up and securing the gasket. Then cut off the entire outer EGR pipe, flush w/ the weld. Cut a piece of ~9/16" bar ~1" long to fit in the outer end, flush w/ the old weld. Weld it in and grind it a little smooth. Paint it machine grey and it will look like it was supposed to be that way.

Jim Chenoweth
TLC Performance
Lancaster, Ohio, USA

Posted January 13, 2004

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