80-series Throttle Adjustment

Tech information furnished by Randy Farnsworth

Adjusting 80-series Land Cruiser Throttle Cable


This is applicable to an FZJ80 with 1FZFE engine and A442F transmission. I don't know if it will work with the later (1995 - 1997) transmission or not. Also, I'm not a master mechanic; this worked for me so I hope it will work for others. I can't take credit for this fix; this came from the factory service manual.


Basically, the shift points are wrong, so you may experience symptoms similar to these:

  1. You're slowly accelerating and it's still in first gear and you let up on the pedal. It then shifts quite abruptly and harshly into second. May sometimes do the same between 2nd and 3rd.
  2. You're slowly decelerating and it shifts down to second gear. The traffic picks up or the light changes to green, so you slowly accelerate again. Rather than staying in second gear or making a smooth transition down to first and back to second, it drops to first, holds that gear for longer than it should, then lurches into second gear. May do the same between 2nd and 3rd.


(Photo courtesy of Dante Luna)

  • E and L are the cruise control cable
  • C and J are the accelerator cable (connected to the pedal)
  • A and H are the throttle cable (connected to the transmission)

Lubing Procedure

I lubed both the cc cable and the accelerator cable. Whether or not it helps the problem, I don't know, but it's nice to get things well lubed, especially if you're in a humid location that may promote corrosion. You can remove these two cables by hand by flipping the throttle open and unlatching the cable. Then drip a few drops of lubricant in there until you can slide the cable freely. I used graphite liquid, which isn't really liquid graphite, but rather colloidal graphite in a liquid suspension. The suspension is supposed to evaporate, but that may take a while inside a cable housing. I had trouble finding this item, but if you're in the US, Napa carries it, under their own brand, for about $4. It's usually used for locks, so a locksmith would probably carry it if you're not near a Napa.

I didn't lube the throttle cable, because I couldn't see an easy way to remove it. It looked like it was connected to something that goes "sproing" upon release, and I didn't want to do that.

Throttle Cable Adjustment

Per the factory service manual, the end of the cable housing (H, redish color in the photo) needs to be 1 mm from the end of the stopper. In adjusting mine that far, there was too much slack in the cable, so mine is actually slightly more than 1 mm, but still works fine.

To adjust, loosen nut B with 14 mm wrench, then working by hand, adjust B and G until you get the proper spacing. Retighten by hand, then with the wrench, and you should be done. Go give it a test.

Unless you're very tall, the worst part about this job is reaching all the way across the engine bay to get to the parts. A support board laying across the fenders is a good idea.

Posted February 21, 2003

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