FJ55 Door Panels

Tech information furnished by Brian Koerner

There are basically 7 panels that need to be cut:

Front door – both are mirror images
Rear door – both are mirror images
Rear cargo panels – mirror images except for the areas where the filler neck is
Rear tailgate cover

These files can be used by a machinist with a CNC router, waterjet cutter, plasma, etc…

I made these files by tracing my existing door panels, scanning in the images (yes, a 42” scanner is a nice thing to have access to) and then tracing the drawings in AutoCAD. Special thanks is given to Bret Van Tuyle for working with me on the prototypes.

Aluminum plate, diamond plate, or other materials can be used for your door panels…

Keep me posted on any changes that need to be made:


Brian Koerner

Posted January 20, 2007

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