Axle housing breather extensions

Tech information furnished by Mike Graham

The front and rear breathers are set up differently. From memory, here, they are both a 10x1.25mm thread, which is close enough to a 1/8" NPT thread for all practical purposes. Only use brass fittings in the axles! You want the fittings to give way to the axle threads, not vice versa. If you use cast iron fittings, you're really asking for grief (unless you run a die over them to rethread them to 10x1.25mm).

Anyway, on the front, it's easy. Unscrew the old breather, then screw in a reduction fitting (1/4" NPT male to 1/8" NPT male) then screw in a 1/4" NPT barbed fitting that you can attach a hose to.

The rear is a bit more difficult. Assuming that your '72 is the same as the '77 and '81 that I relocated, you will find the breather running through the 'Y' block for the brake lines. Unscrew the old breather, then get a 1 1/2" 1/8" NPT nipple (just a short chunk of pipe with 1/8" NPT male threads on each end) and screw a 1/8 to 1/4NPT bushing onto one end so that the nipple looks like a bolt. Now screw that in where the breather was. This will hold the 'Y' block in place. Screw a female 1/4"NPT barbed fitting onto that.

Posted December 15, 2000

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