Toyota Land Cruiser Transfer Case Identification

Tech article furnished by Brian Swearingen,
information from April 2000 issue, Petersen's 4-Wheel and Off-Road

First a couple of Transfer Case notes. You will frequently hear people talking about "3-speed" cases and "4-speed" cases...this has nothing to do with the number of gears in the transfer case but rather what type of transmission the case was installed behind. All Cruiser transfer cases have your standard high and low range.

As can be seen in the cases below, Toyota made a number of changes to strengthen them over the years. The '64-'66 and '67-'69 cases are really the only ones that need to be avoided. These cases are made of brittle aluminum and more prone to cracking. Additionally, the idler pin support has little material or ribbing around it. The '70-1/75 case is really the first desirable case for offroad use. The idler received a heavier wall around it and additional gussets were added. [click the photo below to better see the changes]

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Additionally, the easiest tell-tale sign between the brittle and soft aluminum cases is the boss around the drain plug. The graphic below show this very well.

Additional Comments:

Rick D (mrwagon@tritel.net) adds:
That printed stuff Marlin or whomever did was wrong about the cases. 1963's may have had the 4 bolt output shaft cover (not '64-'66). Having looked at seven 40's and twenty three 45 wagons circa 1963-1967, I never ever saw that 4 bolt deal under them.

Every single one had the 6 bolt pattern for the output cap.

If that one also has the Marlin gears and other one piece case gear sets-some of the OEM ones are wrong. Unlike split cases, the fiche/parts books SHOW the tooth count on the early gears. Bad editing I guess.

As for a split case 'for sure' system I know just enough to get me in trouble. There are 1.99:1 and 2.27+:1 stock cases but w/ out a gear calculator and staring at the part new in the box (with part number) I can't tell which one falls where.

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 22:01:33 -0800
From: John Pardi
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Subject: Re: [LCML] Non-split case information clarification needed
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Okay, Okay, Here comes my input. That article was wrong about the tooth count on the t/c gears. Your t/c is from 64-69, in which some consider the brittle variety. Yes, the cast aluminum is a harder alloy than 70-82 softer alloys, and can crack (when they develop a crack, it is minute, but that oil leaking under your cruiser is a good sign) the later cases will bend, no oil leak, but the inside of the case is self destructing with the mis-aligned gears. I prefer early cases over later cases. Next time you tear down either case put a straight edge on the front of the case with the nose cone off and see if it is square. I have thrown away pleanty of bent 70-82 soft transfer cases. I don't have micro fische right now, but it will tell the dates of the change over to floor t/c shift. I'm thinking late 71 when the new models came out. I hope this info helps in some way, John Pardi, Camino, Ca. Tlca#1561

Posted November 21, 2000
Comments added November 15, 2001

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