CS-130 Alternator Wiring

Tech information furnished by Jones'n and cruiserbrett

Jones'n: If I recall correctly, there are two links on there for the GMFJ40 alt. One is how to install the alt but not how to wire it, and the other is for the old style GM alternator. I need to know how to wire up the CS130 alternator, which is the newer GM alternator. Thanks. Please keep the help coming.

cruiserbrett: Heres the sh*t for a link! www.alternatorparts.com

I am wiring one in my FJ40 right now and the CS130 is DIFFERENT than any other early GM alt. The +(batt)goes to the battery. Use 4 GA wire, as these beasts can put out 100+ amps. There is a plug with four wires, starting with the big wire(it has the larger of the four pins) they are:

S - connect this right to the "+" on the Alt. with a ring terminal
F - Not needed
L - Connect to 12V source with a 3-4 Watt bulb in the circuit (see web page on CS130 repair)
P - Not used

The 3-4watt bulb will be the charge waring light in the truck now. DO NOT USE THE AMP GAUGE!!!! USE the 4 gauge wire and run it straight to the battery from the battery terminal on the alt.

Hope that helps...

Oh, one more thing: some regulators have an "I" in the place of the "L", so check the black plastic on the alternator where the plug plugs into. there will be small letters and the "I" version uses slightly different wiring....

Posted February 18, 2002

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