Quick Swaybar Disconnects

Tech information furnished by Lionel Hebert

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How to make your own quick disconnect swaybar links out of cheap ($9)Aftermaket ones to allow maximum suspension travel when off-roading.

Parts needed and overview of the modifications of a standard swaybar link: What you need to do is cut the head of the bolt and thread that end (so both ends are threaded). Weld to the bolt the second washer starting from bottom. Install the link on your truck with all washers and bushings and mark the bolt right below the #3 washer (from bottom). Remove all and drill the bolt at your mark so the hairpin fits right in. DONE!

On road, the pin will serve as a stop and your link will act as a factory link: keeping the body from rolling and helping comfort and handling.

Off-Road, remove the pin (just pull and store it). The bolt is free to slide up through the frame support. Body roll is not stopped anymore but your suspension can work their maximum flexibility! (Little springs are used only to keep the linkage from rattling on the trail).

The rear quick disconnect is much simpler: Replace the factory bolt&nut with a rod with a head & a washer on one end and some holes on the other end. The hairpin just keep the rod from sliding out!

Rear (and front) swaybar disconnected allowed my Land Cruiser to use maximum suspension and, in this case, kept me from rolling over ... !!!

Posted September 13, 2000

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