FJ40 Windshield Glass Install

Tech information furnished by Butch "Texican" Baker

How to install a Windshield in a 40

Step one install the rubber onto the WS, then take some 1/8" nylon rope. Install the rope in the chanel the frame sits in.

You want the ends of the rope to over lap and one end to be at the steering wheel the other on the same spot on the drivers side

Douse liberally with lube, glass cleaner works fine

Now is where it really helps to have at least 3 people, center the rubber in the frame, looking in from the inside it is obvious when it is centered.

You should be able to see it centered in the frame from this angle.

While one person gets in the truck the assistants follow the rope with steady pressure, as you pull the rope out of the channel it sucks the WS in.

The corners can be tricky, if you are using old rubber, the trick is to let up on the pressure from outside until it makes the bend.

A good shot of the bend, and how the rope works on the rubber.

One last shot of the rubber and the rope working it.

Posted July 16, 2003

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