H55F installation - FJ60

Tech information furnished by Allen Patterson

When installing an H55F with a split transfer case, the only parts you need from the 5 speed are the oiling nipple and a plastic shift cup bushing. The plastic nipple for oiling 5th gear can only go one place, make sure you line it up with the hole in the 5th gear mainshaft when you install the case to the tranny. The bolt hole directly above the nipple must be tapped and plugged. Measure the hole, select a generic bolt that's slightly larger, thread the hole and install the bolt from the transfer case side. Make sure the end of the bolt doesn't extend out over the nipple to keep from restricting oil flow. I used a copper washer and red loctite to be sure mine stayed where I put it and didn't leak. The shifter cup bushing simply snaps over the tip of the existing shifter.

Posted December 26, 2000

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