OLD Warn Winches

Tech information furnished by Brian Swearingen, support info from many sources...

So you own an ancient old Warn winch and have no clue what it is?? These were last manufactured around 1974. Known as the Warn Belleview series (ie: Warn #5687), these were reportedly available in 8000# and 6000# ratings. Controls are all cable operated - one cable controls the in-out switch, one runs the brake lever, and the third connects to an underhood lever which controls power. The cable for the brake is t-handled and is designed to twist-lock to maintain/hold the brake. These winches were designed to carry up to 150' of 5/16" aircraft cable. They do NOT have a power-out option however, which is really their only disadvantage. Otherwise these are strong durable winches.

[photo's courtesy of Bill?]

Hook up is easy. They ground thru the frame, so you only need one power cable from the winch motor to the controller switch, then to the battery. Bought the winch, but didn't get a power-lever? (Or, like me, tossed it at some point when you realized new cables were too darn much $$$?) I used a single $6 Ford starter solenoid switch for about 8 years with no problems. Knowing what I do know about electrical current, I would now hook two in parallel to distribute the current between them. I did however always carry a spare solenoid in my parts supply, just in case.

Warn discontinued their parts supply for these old winches in 1992, so your only source is the comapny they sold those rights to....The 4-Wheel Drive Center of Minnesota, phone number 800-328-4445 (ask for John), email mn4wd@aol.com. They carry rebuilt motors, and many of the miscellaneous parts. Bearings are likely best sourced thru a local bearing supply house, and rebuilt motors are in the ~$200 range, so you may be better off taking yours to a local electrical shop. However, if you really need the stuff, they carry it.

The following schematic is from Warn's customer service department (courtesy Maurice Tinkler). Hopefully, it contains information that will assist you in working with your winch! (click either thumbnail for a big version in a new window)

Posted July 1, 2002

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