Smog Pump Rebuild

Tech information furnished by "PabloCruise"

I wanted to pass on some information on rebuilding a smog pump after I successfully rebuilt two of my own pumps.

The vehicle in question is a 1978 FJ40 - Federal Spec.
It was originally missing its air pump.
I got two from various sources.
When disassembled, one had vanes and wipers, while the other one turned out to be a shell.
I rebuilt them both and put the functional one on the vehicle and put the decoy on the shelf.

My buddy and I carefully pulled the pulley by threading the two holes in the pulley to accept a puller.

We then soaked the case in carb cleaner to get rid of the funk inside.

I purchased all the bearings I needed for a total cost of $22!

Part numbers are as follows:

Front bearing 6203-2RS (Qty 1)
Rear bearing B188 (Qty 1)
Vane bearings BA65 (Qty 4)

The place I bought these from said the part numbers should be industry standard.

The front bearing is an upgrade, as part number listed is a sealed unit, while the one that stacked up in my pump was a shielded unit.

Pump works well, hasn't seized yet!
It has since made the trip to Moab and survived some shallow water crossings.

I built these pumps in early March, and the one on the vehicle still works well.
I just took my emissions test and passed with ease.

I hope this information helps some Cruiser heads get their pumps working so they can pass the emissions inspection.

Posted February 22, 2005

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