Sticker Installation Instructions
The pics that follow demonstrate installation of any vinyl sticker onto your vehicle surfaces. One of the keys is to pull the backing materials off slowly, and to do so at sharp angles.

Image one shows the backing material coming off the sticker. Note the sharp trailing edge that's kept...IF the stickers pulls, you can simply fold the backing back over and press firmly to restick to the facing material. Going slowly helps ensure that any portions that DO pull up don't wrinkle or stretch.

Same rules apply for installing onto the vehicle surface....take yer time, work with a CLEAN surface so the sticker adheres well, and keep the trailing edge sharp.

Another boring shot of facing material removal....Note that I separated the upper and lower portions of the lettering since my installation was in a tight location.

And finally, a shot of removing the backing from the smaller lettering...this is often tougher. Here, I'm using my thumb to re-press a portion of the sticker that pulled up.

And finally, a shot of the installed stickers...tho, already slightly worn from some trail rash!
[image pending]

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