Transfer Case Removal Tool

Tech information furnished by Don Amway

It was somthing I fabbed up out of neccessity. I was having trouble pulling a transfer case so I built this puller.

puller photoIt's simple. All you need is a piece of 2 1/2 heavy wall square tubing, long enough to span the bolt pattern on the backside of the transfer case. Drill a couple of holes, about 1/2 inch on each end that line up with two opposing holes in the t-case bolt pattern. These will be the bolt holes you use to attach the thing to your case.

You'll motice that the ends of the square tubing are not cut square, that is for easy access to those bolts.

Next drill a large hole, about 1 1/2 all the way thru the center of the tubing. This is the hole for the 3/4 inch piece of all-thread that will go thru the middle and push up against the output shaft of the transmission. To the top of this hole I welded a over-size 3/4 inch nut for that piece of all thread to work thru.

BTW, make sure you grind a center point on that piece of all thread, I used a lathe, but a grinder will probably work.

Weld a nut to the other end of the all thread and you're ready to do some T-Case pullin'!

I built mine in about 20 minutes.

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Posted September 13, 2000

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