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Tech information furnished by Jude Donato

The following are scans of the original ~1973 manual for the early upright-style Warn M8000 and M6000 winches...applicable model numbers include: Warn 5687, Belleview M6000, Warn M8000, Warn 5721, and Warn 7200.

Bearing information follow the scanned images...click each images for a fullsize/new window.

Replacement Bearings:

Bearings (except plastic bearing) sourced from Applied Industrial Technologies, Roanoke VA.
Any local bearing distributor (Pacific Bearing) will be able to source the bearings or cross reference the bearing actual part numbers.
Grainger and McMaster-Carr can cross reference

Qty Description Bearing Actual part number Current Available Price
(phone quote)
15 1950 1 Brake carrier (clutch bearing) Torrington RCB 121616 $15.26/ea
18 1965 3 Plastic sleeve bearing (UHMW)*
1.25 shaft
1.50 OD
(2) 1.275 length
(1) 1.15 length
Vendor McMaster-Carr 57785K46**
Grainger does not list this size.
22 1970 1 Sealed bearing electric motor Japan KOYO 6205 RS $9.60/ea
25 1973 2 Open bearing
0.5 Shaft
1.125 OD
0.25 Width
Japan IKS R-8
McMaster-Carr 60355K15
26 1974 2 Needle Bearing
Both ends open
Torrington Y-1212 or B-1212 $3.31/ea
? ? 2 Main shaft oil seal for gearcase
Not shown on parts diagram
Chicago Rawhide CR 12330 $2.33/ea
McMaster Carr (404)346-7000 www.mcmaster.com
*UHMW - ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, temp range -100* to +180*
**Two of the plastic bushings must be furned down from 1.500" to 1.275"
The Main Shaft outer gearcase plastic bushing must be turned down from 1.500" to 1.150" to accomodate the housing and Main Shaft Seal CR 12330 (Any machinist can do with a 1.5" chuck).

Inspect bearings for condition, if OK they do not have to be replaced.

NOTE: the Warn 5687 does not have a drain plug for the gearcase! Drill and tap the bottom of gearcase inbetween the two main housing bosses for a 1/8-27 NPT drain plug.

Posted April 15, 2003

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