In-cab Winch Control

Tech information furnished by Brian Swearingen

One toy I've always felt would be useful is a in-cab winch control, one that doesn't disable the use of the normal corded/handheld control but which follows the same function. My concern always lies in the potential for damage to the cable of the stock controller when it's left plugged in during a trail ride...lots of potential for a flop/roll to wreck it.

The modification was simpler than I thought. On my Warn 8274-50, the power controller connects with a 5-pin plug. These are as follows:
  • black - switched hot, power out
  • green - switched hot, power in
  • brown - switched ground, both power in and power out
  • red - constant ground
  • white - constant hot

    The connection process is pretty simple.....3 wires are needed to extended into the cab. I ran a matching black for the switched power out, matching green for the switched power in, and a yellow wire for the switched ground. In the cab, an additional two wires are needed, a constant ground and a constant hot (I additionally ran this thru a switch for safety.)

    Parts required are:
  • 4 spools of 16 gauge wire, $8 total
  • lighted rocker switch ($2-3)
  • double pole, double throw, momentary switch ($5-7)

    The photos show the wires and connections and the (as yet unmarked) but finished install.

    Posted June 11, 2003

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