Saginaw Power Steering pump modifications.....

March 2001

The purpose behind this conversion is to change the high pressure bypass point for the power steering pump fluid. Increasing this pressure point for the fluid will provide increased pump assist during low-speed/high torque manuevers so common in offroad situations. (ie: idleing steep downhills, navigating boulder fields, etc.)

Tools Required:

  • 1" socket - 1/2" drive wrench
  • 5/8" flare/combo wrench
  • fluid catch pan
  • 3/8" combo wrench
  • bastard file
  • 2 #4 machine washers, brass or stainless


    With the location of my power steering pump on my 350 conversion, I was able to simply remove the pressure hose from the back of the pmup with the 5/8" flare wrench and then use the 1" socket to remove the large retaining nut/assembly. Depending on your installation, you may need to physically remove the pump. Be sure to catch any fluid that escapes.

    With the large nut off, you should then be able to pop the bypass cartridge out. Clamp this cartridge in a vice and use your 3/8" combo wrench to remove the nut. With this nut off, carefully remove the BB, the seat/stem, and the spring. Now take two #4 machine washers and drop these into the opening. Use your file to take about 1/8" off the pin end of the stem (this is precautionary - to prevent the bypass from jamming shut). Drop in the spring, the seat/stem, the BB, and replace the top nut. Reinstall the large spring, the cartridge, and the 1" nut back into your PS pump.

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