ARB: Introducing Our First Off Road Icon

By | June 29, 2015
ARB - FJ40 - Off Road Icon

ARB - Off Road IconWe asked you to help us choose four of the most iconic 4WDs from the last four decades as part of our Off Road Icons project. We couldn’t be more pleased to announce the first Off Road Icons vehicle – the Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series was Toyota’s best selling vehicle in the 60’s and maintained a healthy 24-year lifespan on the market. More than one million were sold around the world with 121,000 sold in Australia. The reason for its popularity was clear; it was the first four wheel drive designed with the everyday family in mind. Its durability stands the test of time with many seen on the roads today. In a testament to its popularity, in 2006 Toyota developed the FJ Cruiser, a modern interpretation of its old counterpart.

ARB - FJ40 - Off Road Icon

The Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series, Australia’s first standard family wagon, known for its versatility and reliability, it’s no wonder it was voted in as one of Australia’s most iconic 4WDs.

Key Stats:

  • 24 years in production, from 1960 – 1984
  • The most versatile vehicle of its era
  • One million sold around the world (121,000 in Australia)
  • Short (FJ40), middle (FJ43) and long (FJ45) wheelbase variants
  • Used by farmers, rural drivers and everyday families

Unique Features:

  • Removable doors, roof, and windshield
  • Folding jump seats allowed for two more passengers and maximum cargo space
  • Compatible with GM’s small block engines


In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we are selecting four of the most iconic 4WDs of the last four decades, restoring them to their former glory and pitting them up against one of Australia’s most iconic 4WD destinations… the Simpson Desert.