Advance Adapters FJ60/FJ62 Low Gear Set

By | June 4, 2011

Advance Adapters is proud to release its newest addition to the transfer case low gearing product lines

FJ60 and FJ62 Toyota Land Cruisers owners now have a true 4.0:1 low gear set available.  Yes, there is some machining required on the case to fit the new gear set but you get a 10% overdrive (1.1:1 and a 4.0:1 low) with keeping the stock drivetrain.  Kit 716938 is available for the 38MM cluster and the 34MM kit is currently being worked on.  P/N 716938, Retail $1505.00

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2 thoughts on “Advance Adapters FJ60/FJ62 Low Gear Set

  1. Havard

    I just want to correct this article a tiny bit. Its not a overdrive in hi range, its a underdrive. Thats pretty important t know when you buy it. I contacted AA myself and they confirmet its a 10% UNDERDRIVE in hi range.

  2. cruiserpilot

    I just did a search as well. I was all excited until I saw they still hadn’t cracked
    the overdrive issue yet, unfortunately. It is an underdrive in Hi Range.

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