Tembo Tusk Extreme Duty Slides

By | May 25, 2011

As overland expedition travel continues to grow in popularity, so does the demand for gear and products that bring comfort and convenience to the experience.  TemboTusk, is expanding its product line to include Extreme Duty Slides.

The Extreme Duty Slides will enable the heaviest of fridges and gear to be easily moved in or out of a vehicle or trailer.   The Extreme Duty Slides are capable of supporting up to 500 pounds.  The new series of slides will come standard as either FRONT PULL or SIDE PULL to accommodate a wider variety of equipment such as fridges, coolers, stoves, and tool boxes.   For those with the jumbo fridges, we even have an Extreme Duty Jumbo slide that will fit most 60 plus liter fridges.   All of our new slides will have the option of integrating our built-in cutting board attachment.   The Extreme Duty Slides are Made in the USA. 

Standard  size slide (17” x 28”) cutting board attachment is optional

Jumbo Slide  (20” x 34”) cutting board attachment is optional



2 thoughts on “Tembo Tusk Extreme Duty Slides

  1. lorin

    I do alot of mobile automotive work and haul alot of specilized tools such as top tool box, snap-on tools, transmission jacks and so on in my land cruiser. One of the more frustrating things is having to constantly unbury tools and gear, to get to other gear at the bottom by dragging it out. I am looking for a sliding platform that can have a end tong weight of 1,000 bls “weight at end of platform when fully extended 50 inches” when the platform is fully extended. Can you make such a platform as this?

    Thanks a bunch!


  2. Jerry L'Ecuyer


    I understand your issues with having gear buried and trying to get to it. I’ve learned a good drawer and slide system can keep your gear in order.

    The TemboTusk Extreme Duty Slides are designed to support a maximum of 500 pounds at the lengths you discribed.

    Feel free to send me an email to discuss your needs. My address can be found at: http://www.TemboTusk.com

    Thank you,

    Jerry L’Ecuyer

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