Roundeyes Conversion Headlamps

By | November 14, 2006

I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for my ability to break accessories on my rig…as much as I slide the cage/body on rocks and trees and as often as I flop or roll the rig, anything bolted on the outside is a candidate for replacement. Mirrors and auxiliary lights are no exception…and frankly, replacing even cheap floodlights gets expensive. I’ve also run some junk aftermarket headlamp replacements…JC Whitney offers a couple, but they filled with haze and rusted so quickly that they were ineffective after a year. And as we all know, the “off the shelf” halogen light is sufficient for lighting the shop, but not so great when you are on a deserted stretch of road or on the trail trying to see what’s coming ahead. Finally, I came across the Roundeyes 7″ Toyota Conversion Headlamps.

These are not your cheapie replacements…with a die-cast aluminum housing and a plastic polycarbonate lens, these are built to last. The H4 bulbs are easily replaceable and the standard 60/55 watt bulbs will project 60% more than a normal headlamp. And, for the power user, H4’s are easily upgradeable to 130 watts…these lenses will take it (unlike the cheapies, which will likely melt something important)

Installation is a cinch….pull the 4 screws that retain the bezel, pull the small screws that hold the existing headlamp trim/retaining ring in place, pull the lens free, and unplug the 3-prong harness. Install the new Roundeyes headlamps the same way. If you are experienced with a screwdriver, this is literally a 15 minute project.

So, I turn them on….damn! The light output over the stockers is impressive…’bout the only complaint came from my neighbors as they were shining down my drive and across the street into their living room! (Note: grandparents should be required to wear robes at all times!) Ah well, she’ll get over it when her grandkids need to use my air compressor next summer!

Best of all, the price….$99! Yeah, even a relative cheap pair of aftermarket floods are that much, or more…and are stuck on your cage or windshield frame waiting for a branch to bust them…or on the front brush guard waiting to get tagged. For $99, you get brighter lighting AND a much-reduced chance of replacing them every year!! (oh, and for the legal-conscious, these are also DOT legal and SAE certified…tho you do have to keep the stock 60/55 bulbs in there)

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