The "Official" Spring Over Axle Technical Section
For Leaf-Sprung Land Cruisers.  By Andre Shoumatoff  Jan 1st,2004

This section of the site is largely reproduced from an article that originally appeared in Toyota Trails Magazine, the publication of the TLCA.  Things have been changed a little bit and lots of photos have been added.

It is important to understand that a Spring Over Axle Conversion is a dangerous conversion if not done properly.  There are lots of details to pay attention to, in fact this section of the site was largely created to sort some of these details out.

An example of the SOA:  Brian Swearingen driving their FJ40 with a Spring Over Axle 
lift and 38.5" Super Swampers.

Difficulty Level:

This is a 4-5 Banana Conversion

Tools and mechanical knowledge required:
Welder, grinder, torch.  Front axle rebuild required when cutting and turning.
Angle finder, special tools for front axle rebuild (large socket and seal driver).
Abilty to lift and move at least 150lbs.  Will need at least four 6-ton jackstands.
2.5 ton or larger floor jack, and lots of miscellaneous parts.

Please read in chronological order:
1. Introduction & Overview
2. How Much Height and Which Springs to Use
3. Spring Perch Ideas
4. Traction Bars
5. Cutting and Turning
6. Drive Shafts
7. Brakes and Shackle Reversals
8. Steering Setups
9. Shocks
10. Comments and Q/A

Rough estimates of total cost of a SOA, about $1000-$1500 depending on what options you choose, and that is if you install it yourself!  SOA's are generally not considered cheaper options to lift kits unless you have the parts or can make them yourself.

All references to manufacturers are unpaid.