Baileigh Industrial RDB-050 Tubing Bender

There are a lot of options these days for tubing benders. The vast majority of these companies come into the market with a simple manual bender and then grow their business into more sophisticated systems.

Baileigh Industrial has taken the opposite approach. They have furnished production-quality metal working machinery for many years, and have scaled their expertise down to products that an enthusiast-level consumer can appreciate, and afford. Two products that meet this criteria are the new RDB-050 Manual Tube Bender and the new TN-250 Tube Notcher.

If you’ve spent any time on their website, then you’ve already drooled over their RDB-Series of Rotary Draw Benders. Their line includes hydraulic and nc controlled systems that can fully automate a bend. But as we all know, the big limitation to these is the pocketbook…an individual or a club just can’t justify the expense.

The RDB-050 solves that issue. Manually operated…180 degree dies available…multiple bending speeds…integrated degree wheel…and the power to handle 2.50″ x .120 wall DOM or 2.00″ x .120 Chromolly.

I’ve had a bender for many years that’s been on ‘long-term-loan’…you know the deal…buddy buys one, uses it for a project, and then… It then sat in my garage for a couple years while friends used it, and just as I get to the point where I’ve got a project I need to work on, that dreaded email shows up. “Hey woody, if you are done with the bender, Jim needs it for a project he’s starting.” Fortunately, enough had changed for me that it was time to have my own…and it didn’t take much shopping time to pick the one I wanted.

Baileigh is a short 40 miles from my home, so Jason Mace and I scheduled a shop tour with Shane Henderson. Impressive. Shane showed off the capabilities of the RDB-250 for me with some solid aluminum. Again, impressive. We toured the entire facility, and they have stock on the vast majority of their machines…and quite a few on the loading dock ready to ship out. (Gallery photos at Definitely helped solidify my decision with regards to what bender to purchase.

“Some Assembly Required” is an understatement…the RDB-050 takes a solid 3-4 hours to put together. But everything fit well and was top quality…no shortcuts taken.

The final step was the test bending…I needed a hoop for an FJ40 buggy bezel, and that seemed like the perfect start. 1.50″ x .120 DOM tubing was the choice, and once things are set and ready, the bending process was a breeze. The integrated dial indicator is indestructible, and helps keep consistency with your marks and bend points.

Baileigh, nice job. Stay tuned for more projects, my new Polaris RZR needs a roll cage!

(The TN-250 isn’t in hand yet…watch for it soon!)

Jason Mace and I had an opportunity to tour Baileigh Industrial in July 2009…Shane Henderson provided us with a complete shop tour and the opportunity to see their RDB-250 in action.  They have a VERY nice facility, a great team and their inventory is second to none.

6 thoughts on “Baileigh Industrial RDB-050 Tubing Bender

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  2. Tobash

    So, how much does this thing cost.

    I went to their website… no prices.

    It is insulting when manufacturers hide their prices.

    Seems like a gr8 tool, so price it obviously and let us make mature decisions please.

    Sorry if I sound like a butt head.


      1. Tobash

        Explain “Tooling”. What parts are you refering to exactly.

        Seems like for $750 I can get a manual to hydraulically converted bender that is complete.

        Might I suggest dropping the price and including everything?

        As great as your device looks, 1200 clams is in the range of accurate mid-level hydraulic benders.

        Just my humble $0.02

        1. RedneckArmory

          Tooling = the various differing dies for pipe sizes, and radiuses. To include it all would be hundreds if not thousands of dollars more. Based upon the pictures Brian included, the machine appears to come with one set and if that is so that is the industry standard (you usually get to pick the size it initially comes with). So, “tooling additional” means for a variety of size and radius applications you will need to order the necessary dies seperately. Dillon reloaders (a very popular well respected brand in the reloading industry) operate the same, order the reloader get one set of dies with, order additional. My $.04.

  3. baron

    your best bet is to go with the old tried and true JD SQUARED manual bender. looks like these guys bender is a knock off of it anyways. I’ve had mine for 10 yrs plus and actually just bought another one. JD stands behind thier product also

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