Pig Party 2017

It never fails, work will be dead and boring until I need to leave and Wednesday June 21 was no exception.  I had a 7 hour drive ahead of me and hoped to bug out by 2 or so to get the majority of the trip covered before the critters came down from the mountains…but here I was pulling out at almost 4, right when rush hour was beginning to ramp up.  Fortunately, traffic wasn’t near as bad as it could’ve been and with it being the middle of the week campers wouldn’t be an issue, it was just the locals dead set on doing no less than 5 mph under the speed limit.  I finally made the turnoff outside Telluride around 10pm and traffic was very light and I missed all the construction mess, so I fired up the Rigid LEDs and tried to make up some time.  

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Black Hills Cruiser Classic 2016

The Author collected as much common sense as he could muster – and broke out the winch.

The Author collected as much common sense as he could muster – and broke out the winch.

Reunions come in all shapes and sizes. Family reunions bringing large families together to, in some cases, meet and reconnect with distance relatives. High-school and college graduation reunions often accompanied by reuniting of cliques and offering an opportunity to compare job titles and baby pictures. And who doesn’t get a bit excited when their favorite band from their childhood puts aside differences and brings the original lineup back to the stage?

The Minnesota Toyx4’s, the brain child of a few Toyota pickup lovers in the late 80’s, was once the nation’s largest Toyota mini-truck off-road club lead out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota. Lasting over 20 years, members of the club, as is often the case, grew up, moved away, got married, had children, and generally lost track of each other as four wheeling took a back seat to adulthood. Club members moved to other clubs, onto other projects and hobbies – from muscle cars to camping to children’s soccer clubs and the like. But club stickers still survived. Members occasionally ran across 90’s copies of the ToyxTabloid – the official newsletter of the once busy club – or entertaining pictures of “what we did then” and “can you remember when?” Continue reading

Details: 2016 Toyota Tacoma

2016ToyotaTacoma-Toyota Tacoma  033The 2016 Tacoma is NOT:

  • Going to have a Supercharger
  • Going to have a TRD PRO in the lineup this year
  • Going to have a Regular Cab in any model this year and possibly ever again
  • Going to be the same old Tacoma

The 2016 Tacoma IS:

  • Going to be assembled in two facilities; San Antonio Texas and Tecate Mexico
  • Going to be on a Dealers lot near you on or about September 10, 2015
  • Going to have Crawl Control on most models and only with automatic transmissions
  • Going to have disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear
  • Going to have touch start with smart keys on SOME of the modes (a/t only)

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ARB: Introducing Our First Off Road Icon

ARB - FJ40 - Off Road Icon

ARB - Off Road IconWe asked you to help us choose four of the most iconic 4WDs from the last four decades as part of our Off Road Icons project. We couldn’t be more pleased to announce the first Off Road Icons vehicle – the Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series was Toyota’s best selling vehicle in the 60’s and maintained a healthy 24-year lifespan on the market. More than one million were sold around the world with 121,000 sold in Australia. The reason for its popularity was clear; it was the first four wheel drive designed with the everyday family in mind. Its durability stands the test of time with many seen on the roads today. In a testament to its popularity, in 2006 Toyota developed the FJ Cruiser, a modern interpretation of its old counterpart. Continue reading

Old Man Emu Adjustable Panhards and Trailing Arms

Stock rear panhard versus OME Heavy Duty Adjustable PanhardI’ve been an Old Man Emu suspension fan for years, and have run their standard OME heavy coils and shocks on my FZJ80 for over 100,000 miles. However, the desire for bigger tires and a bit more clearance led me to their J-coil setup and L-series NitroCharger shocks…and with that, the need to adjust my rear pinion angle and re-center the front and rear axles. Continue reading

NITRO GEAR – Diff Comparison, 100-series vs. FJ Cruiser

Nitro Gear - 100 vs FJC (2)Ever wondered? These photos should demonstrate expectations of how well an 8” rearend should hold up, whether stock or re-geared. The vehicles are relatively similarly sized and weight when outfitted.  The FJ Cruiser actually has MORE Horsepower than the Landcruiser does, yet… Continue reading