Right Channel Radio CB Installation

‘Hey, who’s the driver of that tan FJ40?’


‘uummm….hello? Anyone know which way to turn at the intersection? ANYone??’

How many times have you been ‘that guy’ on the trail ride? I have a few times…and it isn’t fun. The problem? The rig ahead of you is responsible for you making correct turns and helping get you unstuck…but many of us forget to check our mirrors when we trail ride. So, now the responsibility becomes yours: communication. Is your CB in good condition? Is it TUNED? Or, like many, should you just stick your head out the window and yell because you’ve neglected to install a CB and instead dropped $1000 on tires and wheels that STILL left you stuck on the trail? RightChannelRadios.com has the solution for us… Continue reading

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Parabolic Springs from Haystee Automotive

‘Rides like velvet’

That’s the message I got from Dan ‘Hank’ Bergin after he installed a set of 4″ parabolic springs from Haystee Automotive on his FJ62 series Land Cruiser. Then, after a few weeks of driving it 60 miles a day to and from work I get this: ‘It really rides damn near as good as the 80’

Apparently, he likes them….and was impressed enough to provide a nice article as well! Continue reading

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MetalTech FZJ-80 Sliders

Body damage…uugh…knowing how I drive, it’s inevitable. As soon as I purchased my 1996 80-series, I knew I’d wheel it some, and I knew I’d push it’s limits too far. One of the most vulnerable spots on the 80-series is the rocker panel area, and since damage there is also an expensive repair, it’s one of the first things any smart 80-series owner should protect.

I researched a LOT of vendors for rocker sliders, and seriously considered making my own as well. Some of the major Vendors include Slee Offroad and Hanna Quality…both make great products and have some variations to their designs. But I was looking for something a bit different with a bit more “flow” to the design…Mark Hawley with MetalTech was in prototype stage for his new design, and his drawings caught my eye. Continue reading

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Roundeyes Conversion Headlamps

I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for my ability to break accessories on my rig…as much as I slide the cage/body on rocks and trees and as often as I flop or roll the rig, anything bolted on the outside is a candidate for replacement. Mirrors and auxiliary lights are no exception…and frankly, replacing even cheap floodlights gets expensive. I’ve also run some junk aftermarket headlamp replacements…JC Whitney offers a couple, but they filled with haze and rusted so quickly that they were ineffective after a year. And as we all know, the “off the shelf” halogen light is sufficient for lighting the shop, but not so great when you are on a deserted stretch of road or on the trail trying to see what’s coming ahead. Finally, I came across the Roundeyes 7″ Toyota Conversion Headlamps. Continue reading

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Pitbull Rockers

If you’re like me, you always search for better products for your rig…it’s a constant comparison shopping spree. While my wish list tends to drive my wife crazy, sometimes you have to take the plunge and take a chance.  Pitbull Rockers are new on the market, and turned out to be an excellent choice. Continue reading

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