Review: PerryParts Bumpstops

By | August 23, 2023
PerryParts Bumpstops

What led me to purchase PerryParts bumpstops?
The Front

Before I purchased PerryParts bumpstops I ran the 200 Series Durobumps on my LX570. At the time I had my AHC at stock height and then raised it up 1inch in the rear and .75 in the front. Upon installing them I noticed that when the truck enters fast-low the front suspension engages way to early going over bumps at freeway speeds, both with stock AHC height and raised .75 inches.

When using easy exit mode the front of the truck took a little while longer to settle and enter L and I could feel the truck resting on the bumps, again both with stock AHC height and raised .75 inches.

The Rear

Regardless of stock AHC height or raised 1inch in the rear I felt the rear Durobumps engage way too early both on road and off-road. So much so it is what led me to search for an better alternative.

My opinion is DuroBumps are not an option for folks who have stock or slightly lifted AHC. They will engage too early and were not created with AHC in mind.

THE PerryParts bump stop review
Once I installed the PerryParts bumpstops it solved all the issues I experienced above.

– When entering fast-low I now use more front suspension without engaging too early
– Easy exit mode works flawlessly without taking time to settle and does NOT rest on the bumps
– The rear now engages smoothly and no longer has that harsh bottom out feeling

In addition to the above the engagement of my front and rear is so much smooth. When going over bumps on the highway I have a very smooth engagement that I never knew was possible with aftermarket bump stops.

The rear engages firmly and is smooth without any harsh bottom out feeling.

Off-road when the suspension compresses at low speeds it again feels firm and smooth, the rear engagement feels like a soft “touch” vs a “hard bang” if that makes sense.

– PerryParts offer great bump stops with a great price point
– Engagement of the bump stops feel smoother and firmer without the harshness of others
– If you have an LX570 with AHC, I feel PerryParts offer a better product than its competitors
– Being 3D printed allows PerryParts to offer many different applications while being cost effect and still retain its durability. I have YET to see a post of a PerryParts Bump Stop failure.

I highly recommend giving PerryPart bumpstops a try, the smooth and yet firm engagement upon suspension compression is way better than anything else I used on the market and they offer many applications.

Instead of using a one sized fits all approach like Timbren and Durobumps do, PerryParts creates a bumpstop for each model tailoring its height and width.


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