Master Pull SBO30000

By | June 20, 2012

Master-PullMaster Pull, the leader in synthetic ropes and off road recovery gear, has released a snatch block that is finally up to par with the synthetic winch lines they produce.

Made specifically for use with synthetic rope only, the SBO30000 snatch block is rated to 30,000 lbs breaking strength, yet weighs only 3.7 lbs, making it stronger and lighter than any comparable snatch block. This not only lightens the load of gear in your vehicle, but makes rigging a recovery easier as well.

An oil impregnated nylon sheave is used in place of steel to reduce weight and provide a smooth surface for synthetic rope. This creates a strong, durable, maintenance free block that will never need to be greased. Nylon protection plates are shrink fitted to the steel side plates to prevent the rope from contacting any sharp edges or getting caught between the side plate and sheave.

A bright red powder coat finish helps keep the block easy to locate in your recovery kit and more importantly, increases visibility during use. The openings in the ears of the block are made to accept up to a  3/4 inch shackle, which is commonly used in off road applications.

For more information please contact Master Pull @ 360 714 1313 or visit

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