TJM Products Now In North America!

By | August 31, 2011

tjmFor over 40 years, TJM has been manufacturing, selling and servicing thousands of quality innovative off-road automotive accessories. TJM Products can be found in action globally amongst the 7 continents of the world, ranging from the Kalahari Desert in Africa, the Borela Forest in Northern Russia to the backyard we know as Cape York Australia, TJM has a proven record of tough & dependable products making your off-road travels more enjoyable and most importantly safer.

Now TJM has made it even easier for its North American customers to reach that dream of exploring our world behind the wheel of a TJM Equipped vehicle. TJM North America has now opened its doors in Riverside, California! TJM’s goal of bringing quality Australian Off-Road products to North America and backing these products with world class service & support is now a reality.

TJM’s North America’s facility is now stocking product from all TJM product categories. Suspension, Snorkels, Bull Bars, Pro Locker Locking Differentials, X-Ray Lighting, Winches & Recovery Gear and many more items are now on the shelf and ready for shipment from TJM North America. For more information on TJM North America please contact: TJM North America 4115 Indus Way, Riverside, CA 92503 Ph: 951-934-7150 Fx: 951-737-1545

4 thoughts on “TJM Products Now In North America!

      1. Tobash

        Well Mike…:

        It’s been 3 weeks since your Sept 02 post, and your site still has no FJ-40 series stuff.

        What happened to your promise of “40 products up shortly”?

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