OPTIMA® Batteries Announces New Power Play Text-to-Win Promotion through September 30, 2011

By | August 25, 2011

Consumers Can Text or Scan On-Pack QR Code for a Chance to Instantly Win One of Hundreds of Great Prizes from Performance Automotive Power Brands


OPTIMA® Batteries, a leader in high-performance automotive and marine batteries, today announced its new 2011 retail promotion that is designed to benefit automotive enthusiasts as they gear up for an action-packed season of high-powered events. Beginning July 1, 2011 consumers will find OPTIMA RedTop® and YellowTop®products with a specially designed on-pack sticker, and will be given an opportunity for text-to-win one of hundreds of prizes instantly from leading automotive aftermarket brands.

“This Text-to-Win program is designed to demonstrate OPTIMA Batteries’ commitment to supporting the lifestyle of performance automotive enthusiasts, and drive a two-way conversation between the brand and our customers while they’re shopping the category at our retail partners,” said Cam Douglass, director of product development and marketing for OPTIMA Batteries. “We like to reward people who spend time learning about batteries and our product in general. We know that the more time people spend educating themselves on the differences in batteries, the more likely they are to choose the Ultimate Power Source.”

When consumers enter the text-to-win code (or scan the QR code that is also provided) they can instantly win prizes from highly-sought-after brands like Superwinch, Red Line Synthetic Oil, K&N Filters and Holley. The promotion will run through September 30, 2011.

To learn more about OPTIMA Batteries and to find your nearest retailer, please visit http://www.optimabatteries.com/. You can also visit OPTIMA on-the-go using your iPhone, Android or Blackberry device for helpful tips on charging, battery care and maintenance and product information at http://www.optimabatteries.com.

7 thoughts on “OPTIMA® Batteries Announces New Power Play Text-to-Win Promotion through September 30, 2011

  1. Tobash

    Any company that up and moves from the USA to escape taxation and escape paying American workers a fair wage is never going to see another cent of my money.

    I see no reason for Optima to have moved its production line to Mexico when Americans are starving for jobs.

    Why as an American would I ignore my fellow Americans in need in order to buy a battery that might be a few cents cheaper.

    I used to swear by my “Yellow Tops”, but no more.

    It is not an issue of quality, it is an issue of repsecting my fellow Americans in need.

    I have shifted to batteries that say “Made in USA”!

    (Yes, I know my LC minted in 1981 was made in Japan, but my Durango, My Trans Am, My Corvette, and several others were all made in USA.)

  2. Eric

    Is it just me or does this promtion not make any sense? What the hell is a text-to-win code and where do you get it?

  3. FZJ80

    Apparently, currently available optima batteries have a sticker on them with a code that you can scan or text to enter. I suppose this is the part where they get you to go out and actually look at their product (and possible just break down and buy it).

  4. Eric

    Well my 4 month old Optima Red Top suddenly died with no warning in Death Valley many, many miles away from civilization. I would never trust one of these batteries again.

  5. Mike

    Optima Batteries clearly is at the top of any automotive related vendor for terrible customer service. They continuously hide behind their vendors and make warranty claims unbearable for the customer. If you couple this with a product who’s quality control has diminished greatly, you are left with an overpriced junk battery that no one will stand behind….

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