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All mods are on FJ40 series Land Cruisers unless otherwise noted.
Commercial sites are noted in AQUA. Links to commercial sites should in no way be interpreted as
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          Suspension Modifications
Includes Spring-Over-Axle conversions, shackle reversals, anti-wrap and traction bars, lift kit installs

Spring Over Axle
Andre Shoumatoff (Complete Overview to the SOA)
Brian Swearingen (FJ40 front)
Brian Swearingen (FJ40 to FJ55 rear spring swap)
Cam (FJ-62 SOA)
Dan Houlton (SAS with FJ80 axles)
Jeff Fretwell
Jim Brantley (FJ60)
Jim Brink (FJ60)
Jim VandeVen (FJ40)
Jack Rice
Rob Blumel (60-series SOA observations)
Rob Blumel (MORE 60-series SOA observations)
akraven (FJ60)

Other Suspension Lifts
Brian Swearingen (rear FJ40 4-link - in progress)
Damian Lopes (stock suspension - BJ60)
engjake (FJ40 4" Skyjacker lift)
Jack Rice - FJ45 SOA/elliptical
Jim Toepper (suspension install tips/info)
Jeff Jones (FJ80 Outback Arms)
Man-A-Fre (Old Man Emu spring information)
SleeOffroad.com (80-series OME tips)
SleeOffroad.com (35" tires ~ 80-series)
Todd Ballard (80-series coils on an FJ40)
Todd Ballard (T-100 SAS)

FJ40 Suspension Shopping?
Click here for some of the available lift options!

Ideas for curing driveline vibrations...

Shackle Reversals
Jack Rice
Jeff Fretwell
Jim Chenoweth (Explanation of Factory Design)
Man-A-Fre (FJ40, FJ55, FJ60 shackle reversal)

Wrap/Traction Bars
Brian Swearingen
Decker Sports Racing
akraven (FJ-60)

Shock Shopping?
Click here to access an Excel spreadsheet
covering ALL the shock brands!

Other Custom mods...
4x4 Review (shock angle tech)
Brian Swearingen (front shock towers)
Brian Swearingen (relocated rear shackle mount)
Jeff Jones (FJ80 skid plates)
Lionel Hebert (swaybar disconnects)

          Axle Swaps/Upgrades
...for those needing greater strength than Toyota offered from the factory...

Jack Rice (Dana 60 Front Axle)

Centered rear differential options

          Vehicle Toys
Includes on-board air designs, on-board welders, dual battery setups...

"Boston Mangler" (Mombasa Roof Top Tent Install/Review)
"Boston Mangler" (80 Series 44 Gallon Subtank)
Brian Swearingen (GM A-6 compressor)
Charlie Glabe (Mounting a York & 2nd Alternator)
Charlie Glabe (Curing York compressor blow-by)
George Scolaro (dual batteries - FJ80)
George Scolaro (auxiliary fuel tank - FJ80)
George Scolaro (Thomas air compressor - FJ80)
Jack Rice (Vortec AC compressor)
Jeff Fretwell (On-board Welder)
Jeff Zepp (Auxliary Air Tank)
Jim Brantley (CO2 tank storage)
Jody Potter (CO2 Air Tank)
Mike Robinson (York compressor)
Tien Do (Consfer Aux Fuel Tank)
akraven (GM A-6 compressor - FJ60)
CS144 Alternator Conversion (Brandon Austin)

          Axle/Drivetrain Tech
Includes axle rebuilds, transfer case, brakes, steering, etc.

Charlie Glabe (Differential Setup)
Damian Lopes (emergency brake)
Damian Lopes (tires/gearing)
Don Anway (Transfer Case removal tool)
Herb Peyerl ('72 to '78 front axle swap)
Jeff Zepp (clutch master replacement)
Jeff Zepp (drum brake adjustment)
Jim Phillips (80-series Birfield/Wheel Bearing repack)
Keil Thompson (Transfer Case Vacuum Solenoid Repair)
Lance Clifford (U-joint replacement)
Mike Fahey (Centramatic Balancers)
Mike Fox (FJ62 E-locker photos)
Mike Graham (diff breather extentions)
Mike Robinson (front Toe-in adjustment)
Randy Burleson (Marlin Tack inner axle retainer)
Tom Feld (80-series front axle parts/price summary)
Travis Tellerit (Birfield Removal basics)
Transfer case drain/fill plug repair (Brandon Austin)

Includes engine conversions, transmission conversions, custom transfer cases, front and rear disc brake conversions, power steering converions, locker installs

Chevy engines
Brian Swearingen (350 TBI)
Butch Baker (350 TBI conversion)
Jack Rice (5.7 Vortec)
Jim Godwin (3FE - FJ60)
Jim VandeVen (350 TBI - FJ60)
Joe Petta (GM 6.2/6.5 Diesel)
jjjoutside? (350 TBI - 1991 FJ80)
CustomEFIS (Fuel Injection Systems)
Steve Ravet (Do-it-Yourself Fuel Injection)

Other engine swaps
Andre Shoumatoff (Diesel Engine Conversions)
Arron Thompson (2F + 3FE = 2F-E ~ FJ62)

Toyota engine tech information

Chevy motor horsepower #'s

Alan Rench (H55F - FJ60)
Allen Patterson (H55F - FJ60)
Brian Swearingen (SM465)
Charlie Glabe (SM420 info)
Charles Kondo (H55 5-speed)
Don Kinzer (SM420)
Don Kinzer (SM420 reverse switch)
Jack Rice (NV4500)
Jim Brink (H55F - FJ60)
Jim Toepper (3-speed trans to 4-speed trans)
Josh Boltrek (H55F)
Jim VandeVen (SM420)
June Bennett (SM420 backup switch)
Scott Urquhart (SM420/SM465 casting numbers)
Mike Davidson (2F + SM465 + Orion install)

Unsure of what tranny you found?
Click here to identify GM trannys!

Click here for a table covering
ALL transmissions and ALL manufacturers!!

GM Manual Transmissions
Technical Service Diagrams/Part Sheets

SM465 and SM420 - Service Manuals
(courtesy Don Kinzer)

Transfer Cases
Dan Lintz (NP203 + LC)
Dave Safford (AA Rock Box)
Gordon Pritchard (NP203 + NP205)
Jack Rice (NP203 + NP205)
Jim Toepper (notes: 3-speed gears to 4-speed case)
John Smith (ToyBox Doubler)
Ron Connelly ('87 FJ60 TC rebuild)
Todd Ballard (TH-400 + NP203 + Cruiser t-case)
Mike Davidson (Orion install)

What year Cruiser transfer case do you have?
Click here for details on Land Cruiser transfer cases!

Cruiser Transfer Case Information
(from Aug 1997 4Wheel & Offroad)

Click here for a table covering
ALL transfer cases and ALL manufacturers!!

Cruiser Gearing Options (courtesy Mike Davidson)

Power Steering
Brian Swearingen (Scout Saginaw)
Brian Swearingen (PS pump modification)
David Florence (GM Saginaw Installation Plate dimensions)
Don Kinzer (Scout Saginaw)
Eric Stegall (GM Saginaw)
Jack Rice (GM Saginaw)
Jack Rice (GM Saginaw #2)
Jeff Fretwell (GM Saginaw)
Jim VandeVen (Scout Saginaw)
Lance Williams (Toy Pickup - FJ55)
landcrab (Scout Power Steering)
Mark Williams FourWheeler.com (GM Saginaw PS)
Mike Davidson (GM Saginaw PS)
Scott Leslie (PS Box Rebuild - FJ60)
Todd Ballard (Astro PS)
Todd Ballard (Astro PS #2)
Todd Thomas (hydro ram assist - all Saginaw)
TonkaCruiser (GM Power Steering hose)
West Texas Offroad (PS pump modifications)

Disc Brakes
Bob Firestine (minitruck front disc conversion)
Brian ~ Eric ~ Morgan (Residual valve removal)
Chris Scully (minitruck front disc conversion)
Chris Scully (GM rear discs)
Chris Scully (minitruck master cylinder)
Corey Wissenback (Eldorado caliper pics)
td dirttrack (Full Floater rear discs)
Jack Rice (GM rear discs)
Jeff Fretwell (Pickup to LC front discs)
Jeff Fretwell (TSM rear discs)
Jeremy Compton (GM Hydroboost)
Mark Williams FourWheeler.com (Downey Front Discs)
Michael Fox (FJ40 Vented Rotor Swap)
Mike Robinson (Pickup to LC front discs)
Mike Smythe (S-10 manual brake booster)

Lockers and Gears
Ben Ferguson (electric locker install - FJ60)
Brian Swearingen (EZ-Locker install)
Brian Swearingen (Welding Spider Gears)
jjjoutside? [ARB - FJ80)
"Boston Mangler" [Retrofitting E-lockers - FZJ80)
Mike Fahey (ARB Technical Sheets)

          Electrical Tech
Includes wiring diagrams, 24V info, HEI, etc.

Barry Jarret (blower motor repair)
Chris Kantarjiev (1971 FJ40 Wiring Diagram)
Damian Lopes (24 volt info)
Damian Lopes (alternator brushes)
Damian Lopes (radio install - BJ60)
Damian Lopes (tach repair)
Herb Peyerl (Custom battery cables)
Jason Peters (78 FJ40 wiring diagram) (Acrobat)
Jeremy Compton (2F HEI conversion)
Jeremy Compton (2F Delco Alt Install)
Jim Brantley (Dual Batteries - 80-series)
Jim Chenoweth (Cruiser Distributor information)
Jim Chenoweth (Cruiser Distributor discussion)
Jim Spindler (Dual batteries - 40-series)
John Holmaas (1960's Wiring Diagrams)
Jones'n & cruiserbrett (CS-130 alternator wiring)
Mike Hightower (Dual Battery setup)
Scott Wood (Voltage Regulator Upgrade)
SleeOffroad.com (80-series starter contacts)
Steve Monrad (FJ40 wiring diagram) (Acrobat)
Wayne Tangen (headlight wiring harness upgrade)
1988 FJ60 Wiring Diagram
Toyota Wiring Harness Repair Parts

          Engine/Fuel Tech
Includes cooling info, carb tech, fuel injection, etc.

Al Romero (3FE Weep Hole Plug)
Brian Swearingen (Carter/Edlebrock carb offroad mods)
Damian Lopes (fuel/oil filters)
Damian Lopes (smoking engine)
Damian Lopes (vacuum)
Dan Friedlander (oil pan gasket replacement)
Dan Moeller (3FE DeSmog Guide> (Acrobat)
Dana Adams (manifold rebuild procedure)
David Rule (3FE Weep Hole Plug)
Ed Cook (Complete Carb Overview)
Jack Conrad (Vacuum 101)
Jeff Jones (FJ80 custom exhaust)
Jeff Zepp (Holly to LC stock carb)
Jeff Zepp (Cam gear clip)
Jeff Zepp (Cam replacement)
Jeremy Compton (2F Remote Air Filter)
Rich Adams/Jim Chenoweth (emissions schematic - de-smog - UPDATED)
John Mace/Jim Chenoweth (2F EGR removal)
Joel Brown (FJ60 fan upgrade)
Man-A-Fre (Weber carb install)
Mike Hightower (Air pump removal)
Mike Hightower (Weber DGAV conversion)
PabloCruise (Smog/Air pump Rebuild)
Rich Adams (de-smog information)
Randy Farnsworth (80-series Throttle Adjustment)
RedLine Weber (Weber Carb Adjustment)
SleeOffroad.com (80-series snorkle install)
Ted Christian (Chevy Pully's/Brackets)
Tym Prillaman (Lincoln Mark VIII electric fan)
4.3 TBI on a 2F (Tom Quinn)
2F TBI (Brandon Austin)
FJ60 Remote Oil Filter (Brandon Austin)
Smog Pump Removal (Brandon Austin)

          Factory Lit & Info
Includes factory brochures and original tech sheets for stock and aftermarket items.

DOWNLOAD Adobe Acrobat Plug-In here!

ARB RD02 Full-Floater Install Instruction (Acrobat)
ARB RD08 Semi-Floater Install Instruction (Acrobat)
FJ40 Frame Dimensions
FJ40 Frame Dimensions (Acrobat)
80-series Frame Dimensions (1)
80-series Frame Dimensions (2)
PowerTrax - No-Slip Install Instructions(Acrobat)
1970-1999 Cruiser "Fast Moving Parts" (Acrobat)
Dana 60 Maintenance Manual (html)
M100 & M115 Trailer Manual (Acrobat)
M416 Trailer Manual (Acrobat)
OME Caster Correction Bushing Install (Acrobat)
Super Swamper tire weights
1984 Chassis-Body Window Install (Acrobat)
1978 FJ55 Factory A/C Guide (Acrobat)
60-series Toyota Body P/N's (Acrobat)
          (courtesy Dave Tay)
60-series Toyota Chassis P/N's (Acrobat)
          (courtesy Dave Tay)
60-series Toyota Electrical P/N's (Acrobat)
          (courtesy Dave Tay)
60-series Toyota 2F Motor P/N's (Acrobat)
          (courtesy Dave Tay)
40-series ConFerr Aux Tank Installation (Acrobat)
          (courtesy bsevans)
FJ Cruiser 800+ page Repair Manual (Acrobat)

          Other Tech Sites

ToyotaLinks.com ~ Minitruck and Cruiser Links
          Body/Cage/Storage Designs
Includes roll bars, half doors, bumpers, racks, snorkles, drawers, etc...

"Boston Mangler" (60-series sliders)
"Boston Mangler" (60-series rear bumper)
Brian Gasseling (custom dual battery tray)
Brian Gasseling (Custom Gauge Templates)
Brian Koerner (FJ55 Door Panels)
Brian Swearingen (rear bumper)
Brian Swearingen (roll cage)
Cam (62-series Exo Cage)
Camoflage Paint Schemes
Derek Lee (80-series Drawer/Storage)
Dominic von Stoesser (FJ62 roof rack) (Acrobat)
Dominic von Stoesser (dual gas tank setup) (Acrobat)
Eric Stegall (rocker modification)
Eric Stegall (mini rollbar rack)
4WheelAuto.com (40/60 series body resto pics)
George Scolaro (FJ80 Sliders - photos) (Fabrication)
George Scolaro (Snorkel install - FJ80)
Jack Rice (solid half doors)
Jack Rice (custom gauge setup)
Jeremy Compton (FJ40 Wheelwell Replacement)
Jim Brantley (Safari Snorkle - 80-series)
Jim Brantley (Drawer/Storage - 60-series)
Jim Brantley (Drawer/Storage - 80-series)
Jeff Jones (FJ80 storage cabinet)
Joe Melhorn (tire/cooler rack)
Joel Brown (FJ60 ARB bull bar/12k Warn)
Joel Brown (FJ60 ARB sidebar/bracing)
Joel Brown (FJ60 rear bumper)
Maxwell Balmain (FJ55 tire rack)
Mike Fox (FJ55 wagon rock sliders)
Mike Fox (62-series rock sliders)
Mike Fox (62-series fenderbars)
Mike Fox (80 series rear bumper)
Reuben Gosewisch (FJ40 Exo-Skeleton)
Rob Park (Bendin' Tube 101)
Todd Ballard (FJ40 hard tonneau)
akraven (rear bumper/air tank - FJ60)
akraven (roofrack - FJ60)
akraven (front bumper - FJ60
akraven (snorkle - FJ60)
akraven (rockbars - FJ60)
Dual battery install (Brandon Austin)

          Mechanical Tips
Miscellaneous mechanical tips for LC projects.

Brian Swearingen (t-case e-brake)
Butch Baker (FJ40 Glass install)
Charlie Glabe (Custom factory soft-top bows)
Chris Kantarjiev (removing busted bolts/studs)
Damian Lopes (odometer fix)
Damian Lopes (rust inspection - BJ60)
Damian Lopes (sound proofing - BJ60)
Damian Lopes (spare tire winch - BJ60)
Eric Stegall (fan clutch rebuild)
George Scolaro (breather extentions - FJ80)
IH8MUD.com Forum (80-series Center Diff Lock)
Jeff Zepp (heater tips)
Jeff Zepp (sandblasting tips)
Jeff Zepp (t-case e-brake)
Jeff Zepp (t-case rebuild)
Jim VandeVen (Durabak liner application)
Larry Lee (window channel install)
Mark Sobczak and others (Window/Glass install)
Tim Prillaman (FJ40 top removal tips)

          Winch & Recovery Info
Resources for winching, safe use of straps, and more!

Winching Recovery Bible
8274 Rebuild
Warn WD9000 Solenoid Wire Diagram (Acrobat)
Warn Belleview information
In-cab Winch Control
WARN Winch parts sheets (DSI Distributing) (Acrobat)
Warn 5687 information
Worm Gear Winch Install (PACCAR Inc.)
Ramsey Tech Sheets (Acrobat)
ARB In-cab Winch Switch

Unsure of what you have or what you are looking for? Get your questions answered here!

Toyota Land Cruiser FAQ v3.0 (Frequently Asked Questions)
SOR - Cruiser ID based on Frame Numbers
SOR - Cruiser Engine Identification

Other interesting things that don't fit anywhere's else!

Four Wheeling Calculators - RTI, Speedo, etc.
4WD System Basics - Excellent educational site!
Toyota Training Manuals online - Wonderful tech resource!
Tire Pressures for 4-Wheeling
4-link Suspension Calculator
RPM Calculator

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